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Dyno Tuning - Performance Parts - Fabrication - Routine Maintainence


In order to be added to the schedule a non-refundable $125 deposit is required for all appointments for labor.  All part orders require payment in the full amount at the time of ordering or scheduling your appointment.


Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.  


Loss of deposit will occur if seven days notice is not given or  in the case of not showing up for you appointment.

  • Engine Must Be in Good Mechanical Condition

  • No Vacuum Leaks Present

  • Transmission Must Not Slip or Grind

  • Proper Fluid Levels

  • No Excessive Fluid Leaks

  • Absolutely NO FUEL LEAKS

  • Have Sufficient Amount of the Proper Fuel

  • No Clogged Fuel Filters (Please Change Prior To Tuning)

  • No Exhaust Leaks

  • New and Proper Spark Plugs Installed

  • No Ignition Wires Laying On Exhaust

  • All Ignition Wires Must Not Be Damaged

  • No Loose or Hanging Wires in The Engine Bay OR Under The Vehicle

  • No Exposed Wires

  • Charging System is Working Correctly

  • Cooling System is Working Correctly

  • Wheels Must Not Be Bent or Out of Balance

  • Tires Must Be in Good Condition (This is for your safety as well as the dyno operator’s safety.)

  • Driveshaft Must Be Installed Correctly and have Proper U-Joints

  • Turbo and Supercharged Applications Must Have No Boost Leaks Prior

  • Boost Controllers Must Be Installed Correctly If Wanted to be Used

  • Nitrous Systems and Electronics Must Be In Working Order Prior To Tuning



REMEMBER, my job is to develop a tuned calibration specific to your vehicle, not fix everything that is wrong with it.  If you show up with a car that is not in proper working order your appointment may have to be cancelled or rescheduled, depending on the severity of the issue.  If the problem is minor and can be fixed at the shop in a reasonable amount of time then I’ll do what I can to take care of it but, please do not assume that it will be done for free.


We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal.  We require all checks to clear before ordering parts or releasing vehicle upon completion.  Credit cards and paypall will be billed an additional 3% for fees that occur.  


Our prices do not include tax, NJ state sales tax will be added to all parts and labor sales.


Tuning prices include dyno time, street tuning, idle characteristics, and drivability.  Tuning prices do not include additional labor which may be needed before a vehicle can be tuned.  Standard shop labor rates will apply for all repairs and changes.  


If a vehicle that is on the dyno needs to be removed to be either repaired or adjusted, a $150 fee will be incurred.


Tuning prices do not include fuel used.  If a vehicle requires more fuel, the owner is responsible to pay for all fuel used by the vehicle.


Re-Tune rates are to be estabilished by EFX personel and are determined the tuning staff per vehicle.  These rates only apply to vehicles previous tuned here at EFX Tuning


All vehicles requiring street tuning must have a valid registration and insurance card in the vehicle.  All vehicles that require street tuninng must meet to both state and local laws pertaining to motor vehicles.  Any fines, citations, or tickets incurred while tuning in which the vehicle does not meet state and local laws (example: no front plate, loud exhaust, window tinit) are the owners responsibility and must be paid before the vehicle can be released.


Their are NO REFUNDS on special order parts or labor.  Additionally their are NO REFUNDS on any electronic devices. Their will be NO REFUNDS on Tuning or any kind of ECU flashing.