Dyno and Remote Tuning

We support many different platforms for our Dyno and Remote Tuning ranging from factory Engine Control Modules to aftermarket fuel injection systems.  We support factory PCM tuning on: GM Gen III, IV, and V along with 2005+ Ford V8 vehicles, as well as many 2008 and up Dodge/Chrysler vehicles.  For aftermarket management systems we can tune a previously installed system or handle sale, installation, and tuning of a brand new system for your vehicle. Our tuning is done on our in-house Mustang Dynamometer MD-800. 

Engine Management Systems We Tune

Our dyno is capable of reading in excess of 2500 horsepower as well as reading other key operating parameters like boost, engine vacuum, and  bank to bank air fuel ratio.  All of this information allows us to properly calibrate your vehicle for optimum performance within a safe operating range. All vehicle must go a thorough pre-dyno inspection to find any issue that may postpone the tuning process of be potentially dangerous to the tuner. Anything that can be a potential problem must be addressed prior to dynoing the vehicle.  We have a checklist available on our policies page to help avoid problems on the dyno.