Meet Dave

Dave is the owner of EFX Tuning and lead EFI Calibrator for the shop.  Dave started tuning over 10 years ago and has been honing his skills ever since.  Over the years Dave has tuned hundreds of cars ranging from mild street cruisers to full race cars.  Every car receives the same level of precision calibration, no corners are ever cut. Dave is also an ASE Certified Master Technician.  In 2013 when Dave and co-owners Butch opened EFX Tuning it was done with an idea that we could give our customers what they deserve.  "An accurate calibration, tuned to make maximum effort within a safe operating range.  This ideology has proven time and time again that it takes more than a dyno sheet to make the average customer happy. These vehicles need to perform on the street as well as on the track. These cars and trucks can function in heavy traffic or cruising the open road." That being said, come down and check us out, and say hi to Dave and the rest of the EFX Crew.