Our EFX MAX package is the end all be all for your 6th Generation Camaro SS.  This package includes all of the components of our Stage 3 Performance Package but add our custom SRT LOL LT1 camshaft, BTR .660" spring kit, 11/32" pushrods, install kit with AMP VVT lock out kit, and DoD Delete kit (Katech Valley Cover, ARP Head Studs, LT1 Head Gaskets, and LS7 Lifters and Lifter Trays). This package is proven and has made over 570 HP on pump gasoline, and 600 HP on with Flex Fuel.  This package retains everything love about your Camaro and improves upon that all over.  This package starts at just $9,699.99 with parts, installation, and dyno tuning.  Additional parts and labor required for A8 and A10 transmission equipped vehicles.